With an aim to foster student entrepreneurship across schools, colleges and educational institutions, MU Ideas, launched its initiative of Startup Clubs, across Maharashtra. The Startup Clubs, will promote and encourage innovative ideas at schools, colleges, and districts and hone our budding entrepreneurs to build the nation’s next big unicorns. Each Startup Club will be a mini Incubation Center at institute level so it can be accessible to the faculty and students on daily basis while have the direct access to the MU Ideas and its resources. As MU Ideas vision involves encouragement of entrepreneurship across all levels of education, this initiative is open for all educational institutes.

Benefits and Support by MU Ideas

Each chapter of Startup Club plays an important role in community building, while being a part of the biggest community of startups, mentors, investors, faculty, students, and industry experts all at one platform. Startup Clubs are a part of inter-connected synergies, which through rigorous training and mentoring will within its campus host all the facilities for ideating startups to reach its maturity stage, in an organized system, under the supervision of experienced mentors, and the esteemed college heads associated with MU Ideas. Benefits also include, training and development programs for the club members, special events curated to benefit the faculty managing the clubs, supervision and support to conduct workshops, trainings, competitions, Virtual Incubation, etc., throughout the year along with certified courses to understand the entrepreneurial journey, designed and curated by the top entrepreneurs across the nation. Student entrepreneurs are a best kept secret even within an institution and encourage institutes to get onboard so we can nurture this talent together.

MU Ideas (MU Ideas Foundation) is a not for profit organization formed under University of Mumbai as a Startup Incubator to support entrepreneurs in their startups and businesses.

To have a startup club at your institute, the concerned person at the institute should apply via MU Ideas website.

Via startup clubs MU Ideas intends to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the ground level. The institutes who are willing to establish a start-up culture will be benefited by the activities and resources of MU Ideas.

The activities carried out by startup clubs would be focussed on developing, nurturing and facilitating entrepreneurship. Further the entrepreneurs would be incubated once they have gone through the idea validation process of MU Ideas.

The institute should opt for a startup club to enhance the entrepreneurship skills among their faculty, staff and most importantly their students. Accordingly the concerned person would be responsible to encourage participation among the students and faculty.

Yes. Infrastructure facilities such as conference halls, meeting rooms and alike to conduct the startup related events would be required as needed if the institute wishes to host these events. Other infrastructure like computer rooms, library and labs required for the student entrepreneurs should also be made available as and when needed.

MU Ideas is an Incubation Center formed under University of Mumbai as a Section 8 Company with proper financial and legal compliances as opposed to the startup clubs / Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDC) / Innovation Cells which are committees at institute level.

Yes we look forward to having participation from all the stakeholders strengthening the startup ecosystem.

At present MoU is not needed. As things progress and activities are carried out then based on participation the MoU can be formed upon approval by the board of MU Ideas.

At present MoU is not needed. As things progress and activities are carried out then based on participation the MoU can be formed upon approval by the board of MU Ideas.

Yes. The whole idea behind startup clubs is to build and interconnect startup ecosystem.

Yes. Incubation center would be conducting programmes to make students and faculty aware about all aspects of entrepreneurship.

We look forward to having continuous engagement with all institutes to spread awareness and nurture entrepreneurship. The engagement tenure will be for 1 year extendable theron based on the participation from the institute.

During current times of lockdowns most of the activities would be conducted virtually. As things progresses only major events would be hosted at the University campus while others can be hosted at the institute itself

Yes we would work together with the institute to establish a Startup Club.