A mentor is someone who accepts the responsibility of guiding a mentee on aspects of business, or life, that the mentor may have a longer experience on. Thus, in the context of a startup, a mentor’s role is to provide perspective on the direction that the venture may take, and providing inputs and advice on how that idea can be converted into a venture. This means that the mentor should not just give opinion on what he/she feels is right, but should see the venture in the context of the individual mentee’s circumstances and then help the mentee take necessary decisions. Join the mentor community of MU Ideas.


With rapid growth of new ideas, and budding entrepreneurs, the input of investment they receive and efficiency of the incurrence of it, plays a vital role. Investing in startup ideas is a speculative task and bears opportunity of wealth creation. At MU Ideas, we assure you high potential startups to invest with proper due diligence, thereby reducing investment risk and saving your invaluable time. We work towards linking investors to business models that align to their interests Whether you have a ticket size in lakhs or crores or focus area of any sector, there’s high possibility that MU Ideas would have a startup innovating in that area. Join the investor community of MU Ideas.


Dear Alumni, How many times have you visited your campus after you have passed out and got busy with your profession? The emotional bond you have with your institute might still ask you to visit the hallways and classes you sat in. However besides alumni meets you rarely would get an opportunity to meet your fellow classmates and teachers. MU Ideas gives a chance to take the stage again as a speaker, mentor or an investor. Explore the opportunity to guide your institute or several others based on your professional expertise. Welcome Back Join the investor community of MU Ideas.


Research is a long journey and it requires talent, skills and patience along with high end research equipment. If you’re someone who is working on a research, have already completed the research, looking for mentorship from experts or want to access high-tech lab facilitates then you are at the right place. MU Ideas gives you access to best in class advanced laboratories and resources to work on your research so you can complete that innovative idea for a greater cause. Once your research is finished and output is validated, our team will help you towards setting up your startup to commercialize your invention for the benefit of the community.


It takes a village to raise a child. Similarly it takes a start community to develop a successful startup. If you have an idea you want to pursue passionately or you have already started and are stuck somewhere in between then you we would like to help you in any way we can.


At MU Ideas, we believe in building global partnerships. We invite MNCs, Companies, Institutions and organizations seeking to access our ecosystem and community, to come on board and become a part of our larger ecosystem.

  1. Ease in acquisition of startups under the supervision of MU Ideas.
  2. Benefit of seeking support in research by/for the organization/company/institution
  3. Joint research projects.
  4. Access to networking with industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs and startups.
  5. Platform to access and recruit the best for your organization from across our community of students, graduates, post-graduates and alumni.